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    Why you should stop buying vitamins and get more sleep instead

    Almost half of all Canadians regularly take at least one nutritional supplement such as vitamins, minerals, fibre supplements, antacids and fish oils. Many of these individuals are healthy and hoping to improve general well-being or prevent chronic disease. Scientific evidence, however, suggests that some high-dose nutritional supplements — such as beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin A — have little role to play in the prevention of chronic disease among healthy individuals, unless there is a diagnosed deficiency of specific micronutrients. Research suggests these supplements might actually do more harm than good. As a medical doctor and public health specialist, I have been [...]
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    5 Popular Supplements in Canada for Optimal Health and Wellness

    As a health and wellness enthusiast, I have always been interested in the role of supplements in promoting optimal health. In Canada, there are many supplements available on the market, each with different benefits and uses. A lot of people make the mistake that the US and Canada are the same when it comes to food supplements but each country has a separate independent government agency making their own rules. In this article, I will explore the top 5 supplements in Canada for optimal health and wellness, and provide guidance on how to choose the right supplements for your needs. [...]
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    Will a nutritional supplement help you run better?

    Whether you jog to keep fit or compete in marathons, the physically demanding sport of running can deplete the body of essential nutrients. During a race like a half-marathon, a runner’s metabolism — or ability to convert food and internal resources into energy — must work much harder to keep up with increased demand. Metabolites are essential molecules that flow through the blood to keep the body functioning. Some of these hard-working metabolites are amino acids that are absorbed and converted into protein needed for muscle strength and endurance. During times of high demand, if nutrient intake is incomplete, nutritional supplements can help fill [...]
  • Couples Counselling
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    Setting Boundaries: Nurturing a Healthy Partnership

    What Are Boundaries? As the word portrays, boundaries in a relationship help each person establish expectations with their partner. Boundaries can help you communicate what you are comfortable with and what you are willing to do within your partnership. Despite being united by your relationship, each individual needs boundaries to help establish their own personal identity both within a relationship and outside of it. Boundaries can help each individual respect their partner’s place within the relationship so that you and your partner can continue to grow together. How to Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries? Setting and maintaining boundaries in a [...]
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    Microneedling Services in Edmonton: Benefits, Treatment Cost, and How It Works

    Microneedling is a revolutionary skincare treatment that has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous benefits, including reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and acne, and promoting collagen production. Edmonton, the bustling capital of Alberta, Canada, is home to numerous dermatology and skincare clinics that offer microneedling services. Among them, MD Spa & Laser Clinic stands out as one of the leading providers of this innovative treatment. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of microneedling, its treatment cost, and how it works. Five Benefits of Microneedling 1. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles: Microneedling stimulates the natural [...]
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    Why stress-related illness is so hard to diagnose, and how a patient-centred playful approach can help

    For at least three decades, researchers have gathered evidence that chronic stress puts pressure on the body to constantly adjust itself to restore physiological stability. This process is known as allostatic load and it creates a cascade of toxic metabolic activities that cause wear and tear on the body. Allostatic load makes people vulnerable to various types of cardiac, gastrointestinal, endocrinological, immunological, neurological, metabolic and psychiatric problems. Evidence is emerging to show that psychosocial and economic stressors influence health outcomes. But neither our physicians, nor our health-care systems, have the necessary tools and methods to integrate those social and economic factors into our [...]
  • Relationships and Couples Counselling
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    Exploring Attachment Styles and How They Affect Adult Relationships

    Do you want to know more about attachment types and adult relationships? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll examine how different attachment styles impact our relationships and how understanding our attachment inclinations may facilitate the development of closer, more fulfilling connections with others. In this article, we will explore the many attachment types, how they grow, and how they may both favourably and unfavourably affect interpersonal interactions. We’ll also look at how knowing our attachment type might improve how we deal with relationships. How Secure Attachment Style Affects Adult Relationships Adults with stable attachment [...]
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    Avoiding Common Relationship Mistakes for a Happier Love Life

    Fostering a rewarding and fulfilling relationship is no easy task. You and your partner are only human, and, as the saying goes, you are going to make mistakes. However, learning the common relationship mistakes and taking steps to avoid them can help you avoid unnecessary conflict and have a happier and healthier love life. The Impact of Relationship Mistakes Mistakes in any relationship are common. Learning how your partner communicates, problem-solves, and makes decisions takes time. No matter how perfect you feel the relationship is, there are going to be mistakes. Singular mistakes are not often the cause of long-term [...]
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    The Key to a Strong Relationship? Communication

    Effective communication is the foundation of any strong, healthy relationship. This article will explore the key elements required to build better communication between partners. We’ll cover the importance of active listening, using empathy and understanding when connecting with your partner, establishing trust through honesty, setting boundaries, resolving conflicts in a constructive manner, and recognizing when to seek professional help. With practice, these skills can lead to deeper intimacy, improved problem-solving, and an overall more fulfilling relationship. There are always ways we can improve how we communicate with our loved ones. Listening Actively to Understand Your Partner  Communication is a two-way [...]
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    Twelve Foot Massage Techniques To Try Today

    In this article, we will introduce you to 12 incredibly effective foot massage techniques that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Foot massages aren’t just a luxury; they provide numerous health benefits, such as improving blood circulation, reducing stress, and alleviating pain. So, let’s dive into the world of foot massages and discover how you can achieve ultimate relaxation. 1. The Toe Tug – A Playful Stretch for Happy Toes To begin, let’s give those hardworking toes some attention. The Toe Tug is a simple yet satisfying and effective foot massage technique that stretches and relaxes your toes. Here’s [...]
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    PetVet Dx Revolutionizes Wildlife Conservation with AI and Molecular Diagnostics to Combat Incurable CWD in Deer and Elk

    Chronic wasting disease (CWD), a devastating prion illness that affects North American cervids like deer and elk, poses a grave threat to their well-being and conservation efforts. Furthermore, it presents a potential risk of human exposure. Until recently, diagnosing CWD in live animals was a difficult task due to the absence of reliable diagnostic tests. However, PetVet Dx achieved a significant breakthrough this summer. Introducing the PetVet Dx Express CWD Multiplex Genes RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel™ Kit, a ground-breaking solution meticulously validated and currently being manufactured by PetVet Dx. In collaboration with the USDA, PetVet Dx is spearheading a $25 million initiative aimed [...]

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