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    Why you should stop buying vitamins and get more sleep instead

    Almost half of all Canadians regularly take at least one nutritional supplement such as vitamins, minerals, fibre supplements, antacids and fish oils. Many of these individuals are healthy and hoping to improve general well-being or prevent chronic disease. Scientific evidence, however, suggests that some high-dose nutritional supplements — such as beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin A — have little role to play in the prevention of chronic disease among healthy individuals, unless there is a diagnosed deficiency of specific micronutrients. Research suggests these supplements might actually do more harm than good. As a medical doctor and public health specialist, I have been [...]
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    Toxic, long-lasting contaminants detected in people living in northern Canada

    Researchers have recently found that several long-lasting human-made contaminants have been building up in Arctic lakes, polar bears and ringed seals and other wildlife. These contaminants belong to a family of chemicals called polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and are used in food packaging, waterproof clothing and firefighting foams. The true number of PFAS that exist is hard to pin down, but estimates suggest there are more than 4,700 types, as industry continues to make new ones. Researchers have been concerned about this class of chemicals because they do not degrade in the environment and may carry health risks for wildlife and humans. Our [...]
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    Home Heating Contractors Scarborough: Providing Fast and Dependable Repairs

    Heating Contractor Scarborough In order for a home to be comfortable in the winter, it must be heated. Heating Contractors in Scarborough for house heating give homeowners with the peace of mind that they require in order to maintain this level of comfort. The uncertainty of whether or not your heating system will run during the winter months may be a very unpleasant experience. It is highly recommended that you hire a Best heating contractor in Scarborough to perform maintenance in order to avoid experiencing this excruciating ache. Occasionally, even after periodic maintenance, a heating system will experience problems. Having [...]
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    Will a nutritional supplement help you run better?

    Whether you jog to keep fit or compete in marathons, the physically demanding sport of running can deplete the body of essential nutrients. During a race like a half-marathon, a runner’s metabolism — or ability to convert food and internal resources into energy — must work much harder to keep up with increased demand. Metabolites are essential molecules that flow through the blood to keep the body functioning. Some of these hard-working metabolites are amino acids that are absorbed and converted into protein needed for muscle strength and endurance. During times of high demand, if nutrient intake is incomplete, nutritional supplements can help fill [...]
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    How metacognition — thinking about thinking — can improve the mental-health crisis

    In these times of virtual meet-ups, negative news overload and widespread uncertainty, it’s fair to say it has been a tough time for our brains. If you’ve been feeling mentally subpar, you may be floating around the edges or caught in the middle of the cognition crisis. And don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our world is facing a global mental health crisis, one that is unique to modern times. Neuroscientist and neurologist Adam Gazzaley calls this a problem of “ancient brains in a high-tech world.” Our brains evolved for a very different environment, and our biological instincts are struggling to keep [...]

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