Study shows correlation between poor sleep and suicide risk in college-aged adults A study led by researchers in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona College of Medicine—Tucson identified a link between sleep problems and suicidal thoughts and behaviors that may help reduce suicide risk in young adults. Read More
Emotions Market Emotions Market Offers Enticing Opportunities for Experience Creators Emotions Market, a classified ad board for emotion-provoking and multi-sensory experiences, invites everyone to become sensory experience creators. The platform allows users to post and browse classified ads for experiences designed to engage multiple senses. The platform’s purpose is to connect people with unique and impactful experiences that can help them explore and understand their senses in new ways. Releasing the senses can benefit overall well-being as it can promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve focus… Read More
App-based monitoring of thinking difficulties aids depression treatment New research with over 500 participants diagnosed with depression has shown that smartphone assessments of their thinking difficulties is linked to the severity of their symptoms and the impact of the condition on daily life. Read More
Sleep disorders in parents and children associated with more parental stress, study finds The rate of parental stress is greater among parents who have sleep disorders themselves, or have children with sleep disorders, according to a new study published this week in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Ray Merrill and Kayla Slavik of Brigham Young University, U.S., and colleagues. Read More
Is your child anxious about starting school? Approaches used for children with disability can help all families Why does one child experience excitement at the thought of starting the school year while another experiences debilitating anxiety? Read More
Kids cause suffering for parents, but do they make them unhappy? Some influential studies show that the decision to have kids leads to greater suffering—at least for parents. A famous study by Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman and collaborators showed that working women experienced more negative, and less positive, emotions while caring for kids than while engaged in almost any other activity (except cleaning the bathroom). Read More
Chronicling the rise in sports parent stresses during the COVID era Parents increased their involvement with children's sports activities during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic—but new research shows that associated stresses had many parents considering the extent of their continued involvement. Read More
The dangers of 'bureaucra-think': Research demonstrates structural bias and racism in mental health organizations Bias is embedded in the very ways health care organizations operate, according to a study published recently in Clinical Psychological Science. Read More
Examining mental illness 30 years after a chemical attack Mustard gas harms the vision, skin and breathing. Three decades on, however, the predominant effect is mental ill-health. At a time when chemical warfare is a threat, researchers at the University of Gothenburg have now presented their study monitoring a group of victims of a historical gas attack. Read More
A healthy mind: How exercise can improve your mental wellness As Toronto experiences a particularly gloomy January, many may be wondering what they can do to give their mental wellness a boost. Read More