Cockroaches Can be a Nightmare to Deal With


What are Cockroaches?

For almost four million years now, cockroaches have been an insect pest species all  around the planet. They are extremely numerous and there are more than 3,500 species of Cockroaches.

One of the most prevalent home cockroaches in the world is the German cockroach. They particularly enjoy residing in dining establishments, kitchens, lodgings, and nursing homes. Even though it doesn’t like the cold very much, the German cockroach has been discovered in residences as far north as Nunavut. It is tan to light brown, measuring between 1.3 and 1.6 cm (.51 to.63 inches) length, with two dark parallel stripes going from the head to the base of the wings. Although they have wings, roaches cannot fly.

Cockroaches in Canada

Cockroaches are not native to Canada, but they have been introduced to the country through international travel and commerce. These insects are now found in all major Canadian cities. Cockroaches are often considered to be pests, as they can contaminate food and spread disease. These insects are also difficult to control, as they can squeeze through small cracks and reproduce quickly.

Cockroaches are most active at night, when they come out to feed on food scraps and other organic matter. These insects are attracted to warm, humid environments, which is why they are often found in kitchens and bathrooms. Cockroaches can also be found in office buildings, hotels, and other commercial buildings.

There are a few different species of cockroaches found in Canada, the most common of which is the German cockroach. This species is small, brown, and has two dark stripes on its back. German cockroaches are the most difficult to control, as they can reproduce quickly and are resistant to many insecticides.

The other common species of cockroach found in Canada is the Oriental cockroach. This species is large, dark brown, and has a glossy body. Oriental cockroaches are not as difficult to control as German cockroaches,

Do I need to worry?

Rarely do cockroaches harm structures. However, they can contaminate food and spread disease by walking over or excreting in places that are used for food preparation or storage after they have passed through sewers and/or rubbish. People who have asthma could react poorly to their bodily fluids and excrement.

Any place with access to food, water, and shelter will support the existence of cockroaches. The warm, moist conditions provided by kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and plumbing facilities are what draw them to structures. Even if they are there, there may not necessarily be dirty conditions.

Various objects can act as carriers for roaches and their eggs and deliver them into your house (including used furniture, food items, empty beer and soft drink bottles, and shipping cartons). They move quite rapidly once they are inside a structure like a house. Cockroaches may go unnoticed for a while because they are most active at night. When hungry, cockroaches will consume practically anything, although they prefer food sources that contain carbs, sugars, and protein.

Cockroaches, how do I get rid of them?

To take control of a cockroach infestation, intensive cleaning techniques and pesticides should be utilized in tandem. Since the living environment must be physically altered before using pesticides, they will not be effective on their own.


Maintaining a clean home and restricting access to food, water, and shelter are crucial factors in preventing any pest invasion.

Cleanup food spills right away. Pet food and water should not be left out all day.

Instead of placing food in paper or cardboard that roaches can gnaw through and lay eggs in, keep it in firmly sealed plastic or glass containers.

Keep wet or dark places close to a food source clean on a regular basis (for example beneath and behind appliances).

Garbage should be kept in airtight plastic containers and disposed of every single day.

Getting help from a professional extermination company

It is recommended that you get the help of a professional pest extermination company to deal with a cockroach infestation rather than trying to do it yourself. Vanquish Pest Control, is a pest extermination company that can deal with your cockroach problem in an effective and long-lasting manner by using methods and equipment available to only licensed exterminators.

A professional extermination company will first inspect your home to identify the areas where cockroaches are likely to be hiding and breeding. They will then use a variety of treatments to target these areas, including baits, traps, and pesticides.

The most common type of bait used to kill cockroaches is an insecticide-laced gel that is applied to cracks and crevices. The gel is taken back to the cockroach nest where it kills the entire population.

Traps are also an effective way to reduce the number of cockroaches. These can be sticky traps that capture the roaches as they try to walk across them, or they can be electric traps that electrocute the roaches when they enter.

Pesticides should be used only by licensed professionals. Contact         

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