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Yoga Asanas that Give the Body a Wonderful Warm-up


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The human body is designed to move. However, most people lead a sedentary and desk-bound life, and thus, miss out on the suppleness and agility that comes with being physically active. Yoga asanas help warm up the entire body and eliminate all rigidity and pains, especially, in the neck, back and calves.

As each joint is taken through its range of movement, circulation of fluids around the joints increases, oxygen supply is enhanced and greater nutrients reach the area. Regular limbering and exercising prevents bones, ligaments, cartilages, tendons and muscles from deteriorating.

On a subtle level, yoga asanas free up the blocked Prana, and purify and balance the Chakras.


The following two yoga asanas stretch fatigued and stressed muscles, make the body stronger and more flexible and build stamina.

Suryasana (The Sun Sequence): A Yoga Pose to Warm up the Body

Suryasana is a nice limbering practice that massages and tones up all the joints in the body. It mobilizes the vertebral joints, shoulders and the hips.

The technique:

  • Stand with the feet slightly apart. Inhale and raise the arms above the head, palms facing each other. Stay for a few breaths, letting the spine stretch and elongate.
  • Thereafter, with each exhalation, bring the arms by the side of the thighs and raise them overhead with the inhalation.
  • Interlace the fingers. Exhale and bend to the right side. don’t let the arms move forward. Only bend the body sideways.
  • Get a sense of each vertebra bending and twisting to the fullest.
  • Inhale and come to the center.
  • Likewise, bend to the left.
  • Now, keeping the fingers interlaced, exhale and twist the body to the right, and look behind. Give the arms and spine a good deep stretch. Importantly, do not let the left leg collapse.
  • Inhale and come back to the center.
  • Exhale and twist to the left.
  • These three poses are a part of the sun sequence. Three rounds of the Suryasana should be practiced every day.

Vrikshasana (The Tree Pose): A Complete Warm-up Yoga Pose

Vrikshasana makes the spine supple and lithe. It strengthens and supports the thighs and calves like the roots of the tree support the trunk and the branches. Essentially, this pose helps develop good balance. Focus is necessary to maintain a steady balance. Thus, it helps stabilize and compose the mind.

The technique:

  • Stand erect with the feet apart.
  • Keep the right leg strong and straight, and bend the left knee, so that the sole of the left foot touches the upper inner thigh of the right leg.
  • Balance the body and maintain focus.
  • Inhale and raise the arms above the head and join the palms together.
  • Lengthen the spine and try to stretch the entire body.
  • Gaze forward, breathing evenly.
  • Hold the pose till as long as comfortable.
  • Repeat for the other leg.

Regularity is the key. Starting the day with these two asanas is greatly recommended. These postures limber and rebalance the body. Not only does yoga work on the physical body, but it also creates psychic spaciousness. What‘s more, consistent practice increases one’s ability to calm and quiet the mind and reduces the body’s vulnerability to stress.

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