Why Exercise?

Physicians insist that an individual get some from of exercise to promote a health life. When an individual exercises it decreases the chance of heart attack or stroke. Medical facts verify that individuals that exercise has a greater chance of life expectancy than those who chose only to consume health vitamins ans supplements. As we eat foods, our system determines what to do with the proteins, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. There are two cycles in which it operates for energy:

  1. Burn the food
    B. Store the food

Our mitochondria is the power house of our cells that take (APT) along with oxygen from the blood to create energy. The brain along with the mitochondria regulates the amount of energy a person can exert. The metabolism of an individual burns the foods consumed. The body needs exercise to regulate metabolism and overall muscle development, strength, and maintenance.

An individual that does not regularly exercise muscles will eventually lose strength, development, or ability to move the limb that the muscle controls. This results in paralysis (the prevention of moving limbs and muscles – paralyzed). The excessive storage of food cause fat which can block blood flow and oxygen to the heart and arteries which the mitochondria needs in order to create energy. This blockage is what causes heart attacks and strokes.

Physicians are mandated to counsel patients and individuals on the benefits of a healthy diet along with exercise to those who are both young and old alike. Schools are required by the state to devote time to physical education.


Prevents heart attack and stoke





Push Ups


Weight Lifting

Personal recreation

Keeps the body fit

Prolongs Life

Increases Energy

Burns Carbohydrates


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