What to Expect from Beginner Yoga Sequences

Beginner Yoga classes can be quite intimidating to those who are brand new to Yoga. Everything will feel very alien and even the beginner Yoga sequences can feel quite uncomfortable. Muscle groups, ligaments and tendons are all tensed and released in a number of ways, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, improving blood flow as well as increasing flexibility. The benefits of Yoga are numerous and having a familiarity with a novice Yoga routine will be of considerable aid when attending one’s first class.

The Most Famous Beginner Yoga Sequence

As a beginner Ashtanga Yoga student, the “Sun Salutation” will be something very common in all classes attended. This basic collection of Yoga postures allows the student to warm the body, clear the mind and prepare for more vigorous positions later on in the class.


The “Sun Salutation” is comprised of twelve steps. First, the yogi will stand straight, then raise his or her hands toward the sky, before bending over at the waist. One leg steps back, a breath is taken, then the second, leaving a push-up position. The upper body is then pushed through the space between the hands and curled up, before being pushed back into the “Downward Dog” position. From there, the alternate foot is left back while the front foot leads into a lunge. After another forward bend, the body lifts up and curls backward before returning to a regular standing posture. A great animation of a “Sun Salutation” can be found at ABC-Of-Yoga.

Important Information for the Beginner Bikram Yoga Student

Bikram Yoga can also be referred to as “Hot Yoga” and involves moving through positions in a heated room (95-105 degrees). Although Bikram’s Yoga is a specific class, many Yoga studios choose to run heated classes, involving beginner Ashtanga Yoga (more vigorous) and beginner Hatha Yoga (more peaceful).

Whether one is looking for beginner Yoga classes or trying a new way to practice, hot Yoga can be quite demanding on the body. Because of the heat, the body will sweat profusely, which is said to have a detoxifying effect. All that water has to come from somewhere so if moving through new student Yoga sequences in a heated studio, please be sure to drink lots of water prior to, during and after the class.

Mastering the Novice Yoga Routine

After only a few classes, the beginner will have a familiarity with both the way a Yoga class is run and the positions they will be moving through. The “Sun Salutation” collects a few of these positions and understanding them will help the beginner no end. Remember that if looking to enjoy Hot Yoga, be sure to hydrate!

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