Weight Loss Video Blogs – Losing Weight on YouTube

By now you should be familiar with the website YouTube that allows users to upload and view video clips up to 10 minutes long. What you might not know is that YouTube is a huge site and is home to many different online communities – including those trying to shed unwanted pounds.

On YouTube many people have started posting weight loss video blogs that chronicle their weight loss journey. There are thousands of videos from people who do this and there is even a group on YouTube for them to share their videos with one another.

The weight loss video blog group on YouTube is called “gut2cut” aptly named for the people striving to lose their gut and achieve a cut, toned body. The group offers a look at the many videos posted by group members each week and also gives a forum for additional support. The group recently started a website and can be found at www.gut2cut.com.

Most video weight loss blogs feature YouTube members recounting their eating and fitness regimen as well as the ever popular number of pounds lost. Weigh in videos are common and what most of the members of the community do.

Some videos venture from the standard weight loss chatter and can feature anything from inspiration videos about losing weight to day-in-the-life videos to videos about the persons hometown or family. Weight loss is the main purpose of these YouTube members but they also want to share their lives with the community

Videos that record the number of pounds a person has lost might be boring to an outside viewer, but to someone trying to lose weight they are gold. These videos are inspiring to those going through the same struggles. When you come across some of the users that have been video blogging for longer periods of time the results of their hard work are amazing. You can literally watch them lose weight through their videos.

The community of weight loss video bloggers on YouTube is very supportive to newcomers. They are excited to help those new to weight loss and new to video blogging both. Videos will receive very supportive comments and many great friendships, and relationships, have been formed in this now tight knit community of strangers.

If you have not found much support around you at home you might want to try this online community for great support in your weight loss efforts. The members of the gut2cut group and all other weight loss video bloggers on YouTube will be there to support you.

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