Weight-loss: Life’s Toughest Battle…For Some!

To me, weight-loss has never been as much of an issue as it is for some. However, it doesn’t seem like rocket science either. There were times in my life when I was uncomfortable taking my shirt off at the beach, or when I’d hike up my shorts to try and “hide” my belly. Anytime in my life that I have felt unhappy about the way I looked, it could all be linked back to my unhealthy eating habits. I knew it was the sweets, especially in the late evening hours, that were hurting me, not to mention the fridge-stops in the middle of the night for a pee break. I had always told myself, “you’ll sleep better on a FULL belly!” But any intelligent person should know that is one of the worst things you can do.

I think any of us would be shocked if one of those health nuts on tv came into our homes and removed anything unhealthy. Let’s just say I know there wouldn’t be much left in my kitchen. They say moderation is key, and I have found that a little treat here or there isn’t going to hurt. But you also have to have discipline. If you can’t eat part of a bag of potato chips, then you must deal with the consequences; if you’re going to have some ice cream after dinner, try and incorporate an evening walk in there as well; if you normally get a coffee with two creams, try substituting milk instead. Here’s a few simple suggestion to anyone wishing to lose weight: eat 5 child-size meals a day, including fruits/veggies! Stay away from (any) sugar if you can, as well as too many starchy carbs. Remember, we are what we are eating! If you’re tired of staring at that extra bulk (whereever it may hang), take action – research what happens to foods in our bodies once it passes our tongues. One trick that scared me was picturing the exact amount of fat inside my body, as was on the outside.

As children, these are the last things on our minds. For me, however, as I age I want to ensure my body will be in decent enough shape to get me from ponit A to point B without the aid of a walker, wheelchair, oxygen tank, or support worker. I wish you all the best in your weight-loss battle…because it truly is one.


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