Top 5 Reasons to Exercise

How many times have you made a New Year resolution to exercise and not followed it? Or you may have been regular in the first week, but soon got too busy to exercise?

I bet this happens with most of us. It is natural that we give first preference to our job or other important commitments. When you have a hectic schedule; it is really difficult to find time for yourself. But these excuses don’t help.

Everybody is well aware of the advantages of exercising regularly. It helps avert chronic diseases, enhances your self esteem and keeps you spirited all through the day. Moreover, it can keep you in shape with a body to get jealous of. Exercise is one activity which people from all age groups can do. Still not convinced?

Then read on for the Top 5 Reasons to Exercise…

1.Exercise perks up your frame of mind.

A day at work ought to take a toll on your mood. So elevate your mood by going for a brisk walk for half an hour or simply work out at the neighborhood gym. This will relax your nerves and body and you will have a positive frame of mind when you are feeling good.

Exercise fires up the chemicals in your brain. You will feel more delighted than before you exercised. Regular exercise is also useful for decreasing depression and anxiousness in people. Blood circulation is enhanced due to exercise, further relaxing our tired brain.

2.Exercise fights chronic illnesses.

Exercise is helpful in preventing osteoporosis, heart disease and some types of cancer to a great extent.

It also keeps high blood pressure at bay. You will see a dip in the cholesterol level by doing regular exercise. A work out has the qualities to increase the “good” cholesterol and kick off the “bad” cholesterol at once. So utilize this two fold benefit of exercise and remain healthy.

3.Exercise keeps you in shape.

Who wouldn’t like to have an hour glass figure? Do you want to be counted amongst the “Apples” and “Pears” of your neighborhood?

Amongst other numerous merits, regular exercise keeps your weight at the normal level. You can shed those extra pounds and inches to look beautiful. A flabby body definitely does not make you feel nice about yourself. Climb up the stairs and don’t use the elevator. Use your free time doing jumping jacks. Don’t use the remote control. Get up and switch off the television yourself. All these simple lifestyle changes will burn extra calories and help to reduce weight easily.

4.Exercise helps fortify your lungs and heart.

Do you start panting after climbing just 2 floors by stairs? Feel like avoiding the stairs? Of course, taking the elevator is an easier option. But if you want to breathe comfortably for the rest of your life, exercise is the only option.

Research has proved that we utilize only half of our lung’s capacity. This means our lungs receive lesser oxygen than needed. Exercise increases blood circulation thus providing oxygen to all the tissues and lungs in our body. This helps keep your entire cardiovascular system in good condition. And when your heart and lungs are healthy, you can be assured of a long disease free life!

5.Exercise helps you to get your beauty sleep.

We always admire babies for their peaceful pattern of sleeping. As we grow up, some people really find it difficult to sleep well.

When we lose out on our rest, we face problems like dark circles and tiredness. Moreover, we can lose concentration during the day at work. Exercise is useful to get a good night’s sleep. It increases our body temperature and we feel sleepy when our body cools down. You will long to go to bed and wonder how it happened.

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Now that you have 5 good reasons to exercise, go ahead! Get amazed by its results and tell everybody about it.


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