Three Best Exercises for Toning Your Stomach

So, summertime is approaching and you want to be in shape so that you look your best? So do most people, yet they don’t want to have to face the idea that if they want to look fit they are going to have to put in the necessary work. Exercising doesn’t have to be looked at as work, though, because it actually makes us feel better and gives us more self esteem. Although we are all built differently we still have to get the right amount of exercise everyday to stay healthy and nobody likes walking around worrying about how others may perceive them.

Our stomach is usually the part of our bodies that we would like to see toned up and there are plenty of exercises to do this. If you want to tone up your abs, make sure you are eating healthy while you work out. If you decide to make the commitment to get a work out plan and strictly adhere to it, then your body guarantees that you will see the results. Here are a few great workouts to tone your abs and be able to walk around the swimming pool with confidence this summer.

  1. Bicycle sit-ups – Yes, I know, that word that makes most people cringe. If you just lay down some padding on the floor such as a mat and lay on your back then you should be comfortable. If it’s not hurting your back and you still don’t feel comfortable, then that’s probably the laziness that you’re about to take control of. Bicycle sit-ups are similar to regular sit-ups, but some people prefer these as they seem to be easier on the body and possibly more effective. Raise your legs off the ground and put your hands behind your head. Next, sit up and touch your right elbow to your left knee and vice-versa. This will tone up the sides of your stomach and your love handles. You can also place your hands in front of you, one on top of the other and do regular sit ups but with your legs off the ground. You will be working out your quads, too.
  2. Jogging – You don’t have to buy an exercise bike or a treadmill to get in some aerobic exercise each day. Just get a good pair of comfortable running shoes and take a few laps around the block our around a park. You don’t have to jog fast, just make sure to push yourself a little more each day. Jogging is still known to be one of the best ways to stay in shape.
  3. Push-ups – Although some people think push-ups are for working out your arms, you are also working out your abs each time you go down and push yourself back up. There are various ways of doing push ups that specifically target your abs as well. Spread your arms out a little further than normal and lean to each side as you do each push-up, alternating sides with each rep. You’ll be able to feel it after a little while. On your first day start out with 20 or 30 push-ups each set and work your way up.



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