Thigh Sculpting and Shaping Exercise for Women

Women and their thighs: Here’s an amazing thigh shaping exercise just for you ladies. I’m a certified personal trainer and have always enjoyed watching my clients’ thighs change in only a matter of several weeks, due to just one specific routine.

Does the front part of your upper legs, your thighs, lack shape and substance? Would you like to see some definition? The front of your thighs includes the four heads of the quadriceps muscle. The right training will shape and firm up these heads, so that they begin showing through your skin and giving flat thighs some shape and contour.

There is specifically one exercise that will achieve this effect. You do three sets of eight repetitions. Now, this is just a guideline, as far as number of reps. You can do 8-8-8, or you can do 12-6-12. Another combination is 10-8-6.

But aim for 8-8-8. You do this by figuring out the amount of weight you would need, so that it takes all you’ve got, to kick out eight repetitions. You then immediately, no rest, lower the weight load by about 30-50 pounds, and do another eight reps (but if you can make it to only six, that’s fine). Then you immediately, no rest, do a third set at 30-50 pounds lower than the second set.

This concept is commonly referred to as drop-sets, breakdown sets, or descending sets. It’s an intensity technique used by serious fitness enthusiasts.

The routine for this is the leg extension. This is the machine in which you have a seat and place feet beneath a pad, then raise up lower legs so that entire legs are almost parallel with floor. Then lower with control. That’s one rep.

Leg extension apparatus comes in two varieties: one, the machine in which you place a pin in a stack of weights at the desired resistance. The other type is one in which you load the machine with weight plates.

Find out how much you must set the resistance, so that eight reps is a serious hardship. You must feel the effort from the very first rep. By the end of eight reps (and you shouldn’t be able to do any more; if you can, the weight is not heavy enough), your thighs should be burning somewhat, but you’ll have enough fire left to immediately do the next set.

So suppose your first set is done at 90 pounds. You barely got out those last few reps. Immediately, without delay, stick the pin in at the 60-pound mark (or if you’re using weight plates, immediately change them up so that you get 60 pounds). Now, kick out eight more reps. I’m telling you, this will burn to high Heaven. Your stomach will get tense and your thighs will be screaming.

This, of course, assumes that you are being true to yourself and truly working at 8-rep maxes. This means the first-set weight was honestly that which you could only do eight reps; the last rep was nearly impossible to do, and you strained like mad to get your legs up.

Now go to 30 pounds, and shoot for eight. Your thighs will be crying. At the end of the third set, rest by walking around for two minutes. Then repeat the routine — five more times, each with a two-minute rest. Do this once a week, along with whatever other exercises you normally do. In about six weeks, you’ll start seeing new definition and shape to your thighs.


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