The Diet Program that Worked for Me

It took me months before I finally discovered the diet program that worked for me. I am endorsing this program because I know that it is truly effective. But of course, you still have to consult your family physician before commencing.

Below is the program that I have adopted:

  1. I ate several times a day, but these are small meals (5 times – 3 meals and 2 snacks).

At breakfast:

1 small piece of bread or 1 slice of loaf

1 banana

1 egg

  1. For morning snacks:

1- 2 pieces of cookies

1 glass fruit juice

  1. For lunch:

1/2 cup rice

1 thin slice of meat

1 orange or whatever fruit is available

  1. For afternoon snacks:

1 orange or banana or 1 thin slice of cake

1 glass fruit juice

  1. For dinner:

1/2 cup rice

1-3 servings of vegetables or fish

1 glass fruit juice

  1. No carbohydrate or fatty (dairy products) meals or snacks were taken after 7 pm.

I only took in lots of water, fruits or vegetables.

  1. My exercise was not regular as I can’t spare the time to do so. When I did find the time, I simply jogged in place for 15-30 minutes.
  2. I did some breathing exercises also when I had the time.

I inhaled deeply, held my breath for ten counts, and then exhaled deeply through my mouth and nose. I usually do this several times (10-20) times until my breathing’s rhythm became stable. Then I allowed all my muscles to relax (by repeating the word – RELAX- to myself.) I did this until I felt the tension leave my muscles.

At times, I vary the veggies with fish or legumes, but I avoided pork fat and dairy products. When I ate meat, it would be a thin slice of lean meat. I derive most of my proteins from fish and legumes (beans, peas).

This program had reduced my weight by 15 pounds in less than 2 months.

As my metabolism adjusted to the diet regimen, I became less hungry and my craving for food lessened. My increased ingestion of the fruits and vegetables had also helped my digestive system tremendously because I was no longer feeling constipated and my bowel movement became regular.

My blood pressure had also normalized. This is because less bad fat entered my body and the calories I was taking in then was lesser than the calories I was utilizing. This prompted my body to use the stored fat in my system, burning off the fat and reducing my weight.

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