Proper Nutrition is Important for Brain Development in Toddlers

It is said by experts that the most important time to supply a toddler with their nutrition is during the ages of 1 to 2. It is vital that the toddler is properly nourished because during this time, the toddler’s brain, body and organs are developing. I will first go over what happens during this time physically, for these particular ages and then I will list exactly what you should be supplying to your child to attain the proper nutrition needed.

Proper nutrition is needed during the ages of 1 to 2 because it is said by experts that this is the best time for visual development for a toddler. If a correct diet is in place, then in later years a toddler will have excellent brain growth, language will be first-rate, motor development will be good and he or she will perform well in school.

So what exactly does a parent provide for their toddler during this time? What vitamins should parents be looking for? First vitamin D and calcium is excellent to build bones that are strong. You also can’t forget the teeth. It helps as well for the muscles along with the nerves to work properly within the body. Foods and liquids that can provide include cottage cheese, tuna, cheddar cheese, the yolks of eggs and milk.

Now how about that vitamin c? It aids to strengthen that immune system and parents don’t have to worry about bruises from falls with this vitamin. It helps to fix your toddler’s tissue that is in need. You can find vitamin c in most fruits such as oranges, bananas, grapefruit along with mangoes. I am sure your toddlers will love the sweet taste! It won’t be hard to get them to eat any of those.

So let us get to an important vitamin needed for your toddler and that is iron. This will help your toddler’s brain grow as it should. It also helps the oxygen in cells to be able to reach the muscles. Iron can be found in foods like hamburgers, eggs, chicken and bran foods like oatmeal and cereal.

Remember your toddler’s vision that I was talking about earlier? Vitamin A will provide that for you. It also aids in the growth of tissues, bones and even cells. You can find this in milk that is whole, eggs, carrots and cereals.

Zinc helps your toddler to grow properly. It helps to enhance the immune system, increases cells and can aid in mending tissue. Zinc can be found in eggs, meat, tofu as well as beans.

So it is important that parents give their toddler the right nutrition that is needed so that their toddler is healthy and that in turn will make them happy.


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