Natural and Nutritional Treatments for Ulcerative Colitis

I myself am quite satisfied with the route I’ve taken, even though most people probably would not believe in it. Perhaps they just don’t know enough about it. Most believe steadfastly in the legitimacy of conventional medicine. However, my friend has been on all sorts of medications, such as steroids, that have blown him up and quite frankly, have done nothing to help him. I too was once on medication (I received treatment in Japan and do not have any of the names on hand), but I felt just terrible on it. Like my friend, my face swelled up and I felt extremely lethargic and depressed. And my ulcerative colitis symptoms did not ultimately get better. At first, I thought that I was in less pain, and was experiencing less severe diarrhea, but I had to go back in two weeks since the symptoms all came back despite religiously taking those little pills. I was miserable. I thought, “If modern medicine can’t help me, what else can?” Well, I have slowly discovered the answer to the question. I just wish I could convince more people, like my friend, that the road to recovery doesn’t have to be through white-coat-bearing docs.

So what did I do? I quit those medications (thank god I hadn’t been taking them for too long), cleaned up my diet significantly, and became more aware of my physical body as well as of my emotions. I took oregano oil to kill any possible parasites and candida overgrowth, started taking probiotic supplements, digestive enzymes (my, how those are a godsend!), started eating lots of flax seeds and taking psyllium husks to ensure that I have regular bowel movements, drink barley, wheatgrass and alfalfa drinks and my vitamin and mineral regimen includes a potent B-complex plus extra pantothenic acid for stress relief, vitamin C with bioflavanoids, beta carotene, zinc plus copper, plus a really good multivitamin in capsule form called “Provide” by Solaray, as well as calcium and magnesium at night before I sleep. Also, just recently, I started taking amino acids, and my body is becoming more powerful. I can go up hills on my bike that I never could before, my moods are much better, and my hair, skin and nails have all improved. However, I’m still experimenting on myself constantly, but the things I mentioned prior to the amino acids are basics that I will continue to keep up, since they provide the stronghold to my health. So if you find yourself having a hard time finding treatment that really works for you, consider a nutritional approach. It certainly can’t hurt, and you may end up saving yourself not only medical fees but your health as well.


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