Mediation, Yoga, and Tantra

Meditation is an ancient practice that requires mental discipline in order to help increase progressive relaxation of the body and mind. It helps to promote self awareness and one can also achieve a higher state of consciousness.

The basic forms of meditation

Mindfulness method – Process which you center attention by focusing your awareness on object or breath. This method allows you to flow freely and effortlessly while maintaining an open focus.

Walking method- Process which involves being aware of each movement and grace of your body as you focus on each step you take.


Concentration method- Process to which you hold your attention on a specific object with minimal distraction.

There are many different modalities and components to this therapy; it has been used through various religious and spiritual groups in human history.

The physical benefits of meditation

Not only does it allow you to connect with the higher aspect of yourself, it also has substantial physical benefits as well.

Physical illnesses, such as high blood pressure, ulcers, fatigue, and headaches, can be alleviated with this therapy. It also helps reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and bi polar disorder.

Yoga is an ancient meditative practice used over centuries to bring balance and healing into our lives.

Through this ancient art you will have an increase in flexibility, stamina and libido. There are many different forms and branches you can learn. It is most important to investigate those forms that work for you.



Learning to love your body

Before choosing a class and furthering your studies in this ancient art, you must first learn to appreciate and love your body. Women have a natural ability to connect to their bodies, but it can be hard in modern society, with influences from the media to want to focus on your flaws. You must remember that you are a divine being and your divinity is perfect in every way.

The body of a woman is her temple, and in order to connect to her temple, she must learn the first lesson of self love. You can practice this by standing fully nude in front of a mirror…

Most women are prone to immediately focus on what they don’t like about their bodies. This negative thought process encourages low self esteem and can cause you to become filled with negative energy. You cannot become a more balanced individual if you are neglecting to take care of the most important person in your life: YOU!

In order for you to receive the full benefits of any healing processes, you must learn to adopt a perspective which will allow you to fully accept your body as your vessel that holds your divinity.

Tantra is known to have had its origination within India through religious sects of Hinduism and Buddhism however the philosophy has been used in ancient traditions. The art has become more common in the West as an act of sacred sex.

There are no formal teachings of this practice and can take a lifetime to study and should be applied to all aspects of your life. For the sake of healing purposes, we will use the assertion of sexual energy to be the important derivative of this ancient practice.

The woman’s role in sex has always been a means for the man to connect to the source of creation. Women are often unaware of their energy that resides within the womb. A failure of this knowledge can lead to many unsatisfactory sexual experiences. The act of sex is not just the act of penetration between sexual organs but a manifestation of energy.

The female can produce multiple orgasms without the stimulation of the clitoris. This means the female does not have to rely on external resources to bring to herself this healing energy. Once the woman becomes consciously aware of this inherit gift she can reapply these sexual energies towards healing her body.

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