Low Cost Diet Plan

I would love to weave some fabulous story of recommended diets and foods, however there is only one real simple truth to loose weight and save money.

Yes, I too have tried a moderated version of South Beach and others. I am not going to verbally abuse any one of those programs, but if you take the time like I did, they all have one major thing in common. Actually a couple, but the 2nd major similarity will save money in the long run through better health.

Well, to just put it out there. We are all “overeater’s and more than likely malnourished”. Cure, eat more often, eat fresh and eat less. Take the time to shop correctly and the time to cook. To simple huh! By the way, if you look up diet, it means what a living organism consumes to stay alive and vibrant. So, in truth we all diet, we just need to control ourselves.

Control, well, I too have the gamut of excuses as to why I “Diet” incorrectly. Home late from work, stress, no one loves me, bad day at work, husbands a jerk, kids are behaving badly. I actually use some of these excuses to justify “dieting” / eating incorrectly.

The only issues we truly have in eating less and saving money is that we associate foods to emotions instead of the nourishment it is to provide.

No long story here:

Again, eat fresh, eat more often and in smaller portion. This was the only way that I lost weight (20 Lbs) and kept it off. I developed a habit of eating more correctly which of course led to the 2nd money saver and that was becoming more active, as I had more energy and vigor for life. (reduced medical expenses).

***3 wins***

More money!

Feeling better!

More physically fit!

The real cure is to stop making excuses and take action. Who cares what other’s think, you truly know what is best for you.

Wishing you a better life no matter what your choices are.

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