Leg Exercises for People Who Have Trouble Walking

You wouldn’t think a really short fall, down just three steps, would do a whole lot of damage to a person, however, when it happened to me I discovered that such a fall could cause serious injury. Soon after, I began experiencing a tingling sensation in my legs, and to make a long story a little shorter, I suffered a pinched nerve and had trouble walking as well as keeping my balance. I sought non-invasive treatment for the problem but continued to get worse. So, when I suffered a heart attach shortly thereafter I was much weaker and even more physically limited.

After the heart attack, as with any such patient, the doctors recommended that I change my lifestyle. Eat healthier, stress less and get out and exercise more often. A heart attack is a very scary thing; you really want to heed the advice of the doctors and improve your way of living. But, with the pinched nerve causing serious weakness in my legs how would I do the walking sessions that were the main focus of my recovery?

Although walking is recommended because it gets your heart rate up and works joints and muscles it’s not the only exercise that does so. After talking with my doctors about my limited mobility they were able to recommend several different exercises I could do lying down. If you’re in a similar predicament, and are unable to walk for a length of time, try some of these at home.

Do you remember making snow angels when you were a child? You lie on your back in the snow while moving your arms from your sides up to an area above your head. At the same time, you spread your legs as far apart as you can, then bring them back together again. Pull the covers back on the bed and do as many of these as you can. You’ll get your heart rate up while exercising your legs and arms. Turn on to your stomach and do the leg and arm movements to work different muscle sets.

Lie on your back and lift one leg and then the other. Continue doing this as many times as you can. Raise both legs up and down at the same time to work other muscles. Roll over on your stomach, bend the legs at the knees, then stretch the legs back out again. Repeat this exercise as often as possible.

Sit on the side of the bed to try a different exercise. Use a piece of cord or roping to lift and otherwise move your legs. Place the cord under one foot then hold the ends. The cord will help you to raise and lower your leg to work the muscles. Do this several times then switch to the other leg.

As often as you can, use a walker, a chair or another assistant to walk around the house. Getting up and moving around is always the best exercise a person can do. But, if your legs are weak, and you simply can’t walk much, try some of these bed exercises. They’ll get your heart pumping and help you get healthier in no time! If you’re injured or have a serious medical condition check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.


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