Kid-Friendly Exercises that Align with Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Campain

A spring buzz is in the air, so parents get ready to become more active with your children as a family, by exercising together outdoors. Your family’s participation is now a contribution to the “Lets Move” campaign initiated by First Lady Michelle Obama and it also helps decrease the high percentage of childhood obesity facing this country. As a certified personal trainer of children and adults, I repeatedly instill my motto “Move with a Purpose” in each of our sessions.

Parents, you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of old and new exercise activities and build a special kind of bond with your child, adding more years to your lives. Cardiovascular exercises will take your endurance, stamina, speed, and fat burning to another level. Some of the most effective ways to perform cardiovascular exercises are speed walking, running, cycling, skipping, and swimming. Now you see the importance of this outdoor time, so use your backyard, local parks, neighborhood or whatever it is that works for you.

Think outside of the box and create physical and mental challenges for you and your family. Listed below are examples of a few of the challenges I teach to my One Lyfe adult and kids fitness classes weekly, along with a brief description of each to get you started:

Exercise Your Brain
Use index cards to unscramble words such as fruits and vegetables. Both teams will use the same words and amount of cards, having everyone participate to unscramble the words, with just one person as the writer. Once all unscrambled words have been solved, the entire team will complete a 50 yard dash together. Once the team crosses the finish line, each team member kneels down as they wait for the other members of their respective teams. Once all members of a team are kneeling, that team becomes the winner of the challenge.

One Leg Hop Relay
Standing on one leg, the participant holds the opposite leg behind his or her glutes (buttocks) and hops to a marked area. Once the marked area is reached successfully, the participant then returns to the starting point on the opposite leg and tags the next person in line. The first team to have all members complete the relay wins.

Jumping Jack Relay
The first member of the team completes 10 jumping jacks and runs to the marked area. Once at the marked area, same participant completes another set of 10 jumping jacks and runs back to starting position, where they will then tag the next person in line. The first team to have all members successfully complete the relay wins.

Because your spirit of change to exercise has been driven with the desire to improve your health, you are all Unstoppable Winners! So, as First Lady Obama stresses with her “Let’s Move” slogan, and as I stress with my “Moving with a Purpose” slogan, let’s all take the time and get our children moving in a fun way.


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