Increasing Psychic Energy in the Brain: Sound Exercises Develop Cognitive Functions and Intuitive Powers

The head center reflects the duality of human consciousness. One half of the brain animates the physical processes of man; the other half is aligned with man’s psychic and spiritual self. Rosicrucians believe that bringing both halves together in a connecting link can optimize the cognitive and intuitive functions of the brain.

Increasing Psychic Energy of Antahkarana in Brain

The pituitary gland situated behind the root of the nose between the eyes is a small, shapeless organ that processes physical sensations and memories in the head center. Behind the pituitary in the center of the head is the pineal gland which is one of the entry points for soul energy. As each portion of the brain develops, communication between the two halves strengthens. The connecting link between the physical and psychic halves of the brain is the psychic bridge known as “antahkarana.” This bridge can be strengthened through sound exercises.

Sound Exercises Develop Cognitive Functions in the Brain

Sound exercises can stimulate the pituitary and expand the physical portion of the head center.

Exercise 1

  1. Sit with feet flat on the floor, spine and head erect.
  2. Repeat the mantra Ra-Ma 7 times twice with a pause in between. Pause and repeat the mantra 9 times.
  3. Visualize a bright yellow slightly tinged with green. Imagine a picture of sunshine falling through the leaves of trees.
  4. Repeat the following mantra 3 times: RA-RA-RA, MA-MA-MA, R-A-A-A, M-A-A-A.
  5. Visualize the same picture of sunshine yellow. Direct the yellow color to the pituitary gland in the forehead.
  6. Silently repeat the mantra R-A-A-A, M-A-A-A.

Repetition of this exercise over the course of weeks will produce a noticeable increase in cognitive functions such as one’s power of observation, a speeding up in one’s thinking processes and an improvement in memory.

Sound Exercises Develop Intuitive Powers in the Brain

The psychic half of the brain needs as much attention as the physical half.

Start the following exercise to develop the intuitive powers in the brain.

Exercise 2

1.Sit with feet flat on the floor, head and spine erect.

  1. Focus attention on the pineal gland behind the pituitary.
  2. Visualize a violet haze of energy enveloping the pineal gland.
  3. Sound the mantra AUM 7 times thrice with a pause in between.
  4. End the AUM mantra with sustained humming.
  5. Massage the pineal gland with the vibrations of this sound until it begins to vibrate and begins to glow with the violet color as well.
  6. Proceed with this exercise twice a day for several weeks.

Practicing sound exercises of the head center improves the coherence between the physical and psychic halves of the brain. When a connection is made, the psychic half vibrates at a faster rate than the physical half. As one increases the strength of the antahkarana through practice, personal intuitive powers will grow dramatically.

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