How to Meet the Exercise Needs of Airedale Terriers

Airedale terriers are sweet, loving animals that easily fit into the lives of their family members. Their curly, brown fur gives them a teddy bear-like appearance, making them the perfect dogs for cuddling!

All cuteness aside, it is important to remember that your Airedale terrier needs quite a bit of care to maintain his health and well-being. One way to make sure your Airedale stays healthy, is to exercise him properly.

Here are some tips to help you properly exercise your Airedale terrier.

Daily Walks

Daily walks are helpful for both your Airedale and yourself. Try setting a schedule for your walks so your dog has a certain time of day to look forward to. Make sure your Airedale is wearing a properly fitted collar and a strong leash. This way, it is unlikely that your dog can get away from you. Many towns have “leash laws,” giving you another reason to invest in a quality leash.

Playing Games

Like most other dogs, Airedale terriers love to play games with their owners. Some commonly enjoyed games for these dogs include fetch, frisbee and tag. If you are unable to get outside due to bad weather, you can play more subdued versions of these games in your living room or basement. Try rolling a tennis ball across your living room floor and watch your Airedale chase it!

Limit Crating Time

Crating your Airedale can be helpful to keep your dog under control while you are away for a few hours, but it should be done as infrequently as possible. Otherwise, your Airedale could become overly energetic or aggressive when allowed free run of the house. This could damage your relationship with your dog. Many dogs have been given away because they took out their frustrations on their owners’ houses, often causing costly destruction.

Airedale terriers are active, fun-loving dogs that need lots of play time to stay happy and healthy. If you can invest a small amount of time daily toward your dog’s well-being, you will be rewarded with a happier, healthier dog.


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