How to Improve Memory and Brain Power

Most people would like to improve their ability to retain information and sharpen their cognitive functioning. The benefits of better memory are endless and effectively navigating through life can become much easier as a result. So let’s discuss a few ways that you can maximize your memory and increase brain power.

Proper Diet and Sleep

Eating right and getting a good night’s rest are perhaps the most important things a person can do in order to optimize their learning abilities and keep their brain (and body) healthy. Plenty of fruits and vegetables have been proven to improve brain functioning and sleeping for at least eight hours a night helps to recharge a person’s brain.

Get Organized

Staying organized and clutter free helps to simplify your life and reduce stress. As a result, your mind will become more free from trivial matters and you will be able to focus your mental energy on more important things. You will be better suited for concentration to detail which vicariously helps memory and increases your ability to retain more information.


Exercise Your Brain

Like your physical body, your brain needs adequate exercise in order to function at a high level. This is why it’s important to keep your brain active and allow it to grow. Here are some effective ways to keep your brain nice and fit.

  • Complete crossword puzzles or play Sudoku
  • Play games that require strategy like chess or checkers
  • Play trivia games and watch Jeopardy

Use Association to Memorize

Employing association is a common method of memorizing complex information. This can be done by connecting new information you are attempting to learn with something that you already know and understand. For example if you trying to remember someone’s name, associate their name with a celebrity that has the same name.


One of the more traditional means of improving memory is simply to repeat the information that needs to be retained over and over until you remember it. If you need to remember certain parts of a book, it’s a good idea to highlight the important stuff and go over the keynotes to yourself.

Another way of employing repetition is to create flashcards. This can be done by writing a word on the front of an index card and writing the the meaning or definition on the reverse side. This method can sometimes be meticulous, but is nonetheless very effective.

Also be aware that “cramming” is an ineffective way of truly retaining anything. It’s much better to systematically go over information and repeat it to yourself over a period of time.

Be aware the improving your memory is an important thing for you and over time you will naturally become better and better at it.

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