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How to Eat, Clean, and Exercise During ‘Law and Order’ Marathons!

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If you are a “Law and Order” addict, then “Law and Order” marathons, regardless if they are the original, SVU or Criminal Intent probably have you in hog heaven!

Since I am a known “Law and Order” addict I have found there are several side benefits to jumping onto a marathon and running through the episodes of the day.

It has become my experience that there are seven great ways to eat, clean, and exercise during the run of the shows and here are my choices.

Let’s start off with that most despised of all American activities- exercise!
Take your most often used exercise vehicle (stationary bike, ball, jump rope) and set yourself up in front of the TV. Ready, set, marathon! You can probably do at least 10-15 minutes worth of exercise before the commercials appear- that’s when you — .

Eat! Run to the microwave and nuke your favorite Lean Cuisine or Weight Watcher, dress it up with a piece of fruit or make a little veggie dip side dish and you are on our way to the your lazy boy, where you can watch the next 15 minutes of Jack McCoy or Michael Moriarty-depends on how old the marathon is!

Next up- commercial time again- clean- this is a great 10 minutes for dusting. The commercials last for a pretty long time during most of these ‘˜Law and Order’ marathons so you can probably dust at least two rooms, depending on size and the last time you dusted.

Back to exercise- show is on again- get a good set of 5-10 lb hand weights, and lift-lift- while watching the next 15 minutes of Claire Kincaid or Serena- again- depending on which marathon era is in view!

Commercial break! Vacuum! Again, depending on the length of the break (at least 10 minutes!) a good vacuuming of two rooms will probably take place. Remember, vacuuming a floor is known to be one of the best exercises around. So, you get two for one in this one.

Preparation for supper! Check out contents of refrigerator for leftovers which you will be able to eat after marathon is over. No need for shopping or anything that will take you away from Adam Schiff!

Here is where we can get a little green, and also help the planet. Find your lady boy again- and divide recyclables! Plastics, paper, and foil. It’s fun, it’s mindless, and it helps clean the planet.

There are tons of other activities that can take place while you watch “Law and Order” marathons. Lucky for us addicts, there are marathons at least every other day!
So, remember, “In the criminal justice system — — .


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