How I Lost Ten Pounds by Going on a Ramen Noodle Diet

I was on a mission to lose my baby fat that I had obtained while being pregnant. I was almost back to my normal weight but could not seem to get there. I hate diet pills and I did not feel like starving myself.

I only had ten pounds to go and I was going to lose these ten pounds. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I lost the last ten pounds of baby fat by eating two bowls of ramen noodles a day.

I would eat two bowls of Ramen Noodles a day, one for breakfast and one for lunch. I was not sure if this would work because I had never heard of anyone doing this before but I figured that with it being almost empty calories and it still filling me up, then it would defiantly be worth a shot.

I took a multivitamin everyday to help keep up with my daily nutritional needs and I exercised for thirty minutes three times a week. I had also cut out all of my caffeine intake. I was addicted to pop but I substituted it with non caffeine drinks so that I would still get a little bit of the taste that I was use too.

When I made my Ramen Noodles for my diet, I would keep a lot of juice in it and eat it like a soup. You may be wondering why I would eat it with juice, well the juice would help to feel me up without causing it to lose it’s flavor.

When you start any diet, you want to make sure that you are healthy and you should talk to your doctor about any concerns that you might have. I went to the doctor three weeks later and had lost all of the baby weight except for one pound. When the doctor asked me how I kicked off those pounds within a short period of time, I explained to him that I had started my own diet called the Ramen Noodle diet. He laughed and said that it made sense. He also said that he once lost thirty pounds in three months by eating nothing but condensed soup three times a day.

My Doctor told me that we should all be careful when going on diets like this because of us constantly eating the same thing over and over, it could cause some health problems. He said that if you are going to go on a diet like this then you should not do it for more than two weeks at a time and at least take a couple of weeks to eat good healthy meals before starting back on the diet, you should always take a multivitamin to help keep up with all of your vitamin intake that you might be missing out on.

I listened wisely to my doctor and I now take a multivitamin even if I am not on a diet. I had another check up a week ago and have kept the weight off with exercise. I had also toned up my muscles and was looking forward to stretching out in the sun during summer time in my descent body. I then found out that I was pregnant and would be stretching out anytime soon. I guess that this time next year, I will have another goal to lose the baby fat again. This time I am speaking with my doctor first.

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