Exercise for Children

Childhood obesity and other weight related health issues are at an all time high. This is why regular exercise for children needs to be a priority in the schools and home. Children are not getting enough exercise. Many schools no longer offer daily physical education classes. Moreover, when most children arrive home, they sit in front of the television or computer instead of going outside to exercise or play. To make matters worse, they are eating unhealthy, unnatural foods on a daily basis.

As a parent, you can help your children get the exercise they need. Exercise for children does not have to be time consuming or costly. Simply incorporate exercise activities into your lifestyle.

Walk. Children love to spend time with their families. Plan a daily evening walk with your children. You will all get fresh air, much needed exercise, and the chance to talk about the day. No matter how busy your life becomes, make the family walk a priority. Even 15 minutes will make a positive difference in the health of your children; a little exercise is better than none

Bicycle or Skate. Riding bicycles is a enjoyable way for your children to get exercise. Plan to ride bikes as a family on the weekends. If you do not have bicycles, you may be able to rent them or buy pre-owned ones to save money. Another option is to purchase roller skates. Skates are less expensive than bicycles, but they provide the same exercise benefits. Bicycle or skate with your children at least one hour on Saturday or Sunday.

Jump Rope. Jumping rope is a great exercise for children. Make it fun by participating with them. Jump ropes are cheap, easy to use, and store. Jumping rope is the perfect exercise for children on a rainy day because they can jump rope on the front porch, or in the garage.

Dance. Dancing is a fun way to exercise, and most children love to dance; they will be able to teach you the latest moves. You will have such a good time dancing with your children that it will not feel like exercise. You will simply be having fun while getting physically fit. You could also use exercise or dance DVDs for variety.

Make sure your children exercise daily. It will improve their physical health and relieve stress from their day; You will also benefit from exercising with them. Remember, health should always be a priority.


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