Backyard Family Games to Play for Fun and Exercise

As the weather grows warmer and the days become longer, it’s natural to want to spend time outdoors. Barbecues, picnics, and long walks in the woods are just a few of the ways to experience all that the spring and summer seasons have to offer. The outdoors can also provide an opportunity to bring your family together for some outdoor activities. What better way to do it than to have a backyard cookout followed by backyard family games?

Backyard family games are a great way to get the whole family more active and spend quality time as a family unit. Plus, a little competition between family members can be stimulating and will help to bring everyone closer together. So throw the hamburgers on the grill and get ready for some friendly competition. Here are some backyard family game ideas:

Backyard family games: Croquet

This old fashioned game actually dates back the mid 1800’s. It offered the advantage of being a game that men and women could play together since it didn’t require enormous amounts of strength or speed that the ladies of that time didn’t have. (things are different these days!) It’s still a stimulating backyard game that can be played by almost anyone from age six to age ninety. You can get a full croquet set starting at around forty-five dollars. It’s a great game to play after you’ve overindulged from the cookout since there’s more standing and slow walking than there are rapid movements.

Backyard family games: Badminton

It might surprise you that the game of badminton was played as far back as ancient Greece. It’s a lively game that can really get the heart rate going while having a great time doing it. All you need to play an invigorating game of badminton are the rackets, a shuttlecock, and a net. If you need a refresher on the rules of the game do an internet search to educate yourself. Then get those rackets out and create some family backyard entertainment.

Backyard family games: Cornhole

This is a game that requires little equipment that’s popular among college students in the Midwest. To play this game, you’ll need a cornhole board which consists of a raised platform with a hole at the far end of it. The object is to pitch small bags filled with corn into the hole at the end of the platform. If the bag of corn makes it through the hole, the participant earns three points. If it hits the platform, they gain a point. The first person to reach twenty-one points wins the game. You can buy a cornhole board online along with the corn filled bags online or make your own out of a wooden board. By doing an internet search, you’ll discover there are cornhole tournaments and a variety of forums where enthusiasts discuss the game. This game can be fun for the whole family.

If you want to bring your family closer together and get them more active at the same time, why not try some invigorating backyard family games? It’s a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.


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