100th Day of School Nutrition Activities

The 100th day of School is coming up soon. Encourage your students’ interest in nutrition and trying new foods with these 100th day of school nutrition related activities.

As with all nutrition and food related activities in school settings, make sure that you know each child’s medical history, including their allergies and food sensitivities. Also, all professionals working with children should be certified in CPR, including the Heimlich maneuver.

100 Calorie Snacks

Portion out 100 calorie portions of various snack foods and place them on paper plates. Include extremely low calorie items, such as cucumber slices and celery sticks and high calorie items, such as candy and chips. Also include popular snack items that your students enjoy among your selections, such as goldfish shaped crackers, fruit snacks, and pretzels. Have your students decide which foods provide the most satiating snacks per 100 calories and which foods provide the least satisfying snacks. Or ask them which snacks they would want if they were only allowed 100 calories and why.

100 Dollar Grocery Budget

Give each student a copy of an advertisement for a grocery store. Give each student a budget of $100 to create a meal plan for 3-4 days. Then let them create a grocery list and keep the total under $100. If they go over $100, then they will need to adjust their meal plant to make their budget work.

100 Item Trail Mix

Give each student an item to bring 100 of to school on the 100th day of school, including dried fruit, nuts, and candy pieces. When each student arrives at school, they can add their 100 pieces to a bowl or bag to create a trail mix that can then be divided among the class.

100 Pieces Estimation Activity

Have several sized containers available, such as Dixie cups, coffee cups, cereal bowls, and larger Tupperware containers. Let students make guesses on which container will best hold 100 of a snack item, such as peanuts, grapes, or crackers. After they have guessed, count out 100 of that item and determine which container holds the items the best.

100 Pieces of Cereal Necklace

Younger elementary students will enjoy counting out 100 pieces of “O” shaped cereal, such as Cheerios, Fruit Loops, and/or Apple Jacks and stringing them on a piece of yarn to make a necklace. Before making the necklaces, let each student guess how long the completed necklaces will be. They can bring their necklaces home or enjoy them as a snack later in the day.

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