With gratitude and appreciation...

  • "I suffered from devastating allergies, both food and environmental, for over 20 years. It limited my ability to eat out, to travel and affected the daily life of my family who were constantly worried I would have "an attack." My chiropractor recommended I see Josie and upon receiving her treatments, I saw immediate results. Amazing! Josie is a gifted healer who is very tuned into her clients on both a physical and emotional level. I have referred many of my friends to her and they have all had similar results. Thank you, Josie!" Karen Edwards — Toronto, Ontario
  • "Having suffered from a sulphite (food additive) allergy for the past 35 years, I was very skeptical that any treatment would work. After seeing Josie, I can happily say that my symptoms have reduced considerably. It has been life changing for me and my family. Thank you so much!" Tom King — Newcastle, Ontario
  • "I've had one major allergy - cats. I have not been able to go into a friend's home if they have a cat...until now. After 1 consultation with Josie Gintoli I have now visited 2 friends for hours each time and had no reaction at all. Unbelievable...it really works!" Susan Bernstein — Thornhill, Ontario
  • "My daughter had an extreme case of a viral infection called molluscum contagiosum for about four months that caused painful skin flare-ups all over her body. The doctor advised there was nothing he could do other than let it run its course and it continued to worsen. At its worst I sought out Josie for homeopathic treatment. Within days and over the course of a couple of months all of the eruptions dried, fell off and have not returned since. Thank-you, Josie!" S. Smith — Maple, Ontario
  • "I have been lactose intolerant for over 20 years and forced to carry around lactose pills whenever visiting others homes or restaurants which is troublesome. After seeing Josie, I am now able to comfortably digest dairy products! No more cramping, discomfort and lactose pills. I strongly recommend treatment to anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance. Thank-you, Josie!" S. Smith — Maple, Ontario
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  • "For over twenty years, I used a nasal spray every day at least twice a day. After two appointments with Josie, I stopped needing it. My sinuses are almost perfectly clear now and I don't even have any nasal spray in the house anymore! Also, this past winter, I was coming down with a cold approximately every four weeks. In January, I had my first appointment with Josie. Since then (it is now Spring) I've been illness free!" Robert Taylor — Toronto, Ontario
  • "I recently saw Josie for congested sinuses which lingered long after a recent cold. The evening after her treatment, my sinuses cleared and have remained almost entirely clear since. I would recommend her services highly. Thank-you, Josie!" Laurie Allen — Keswick, Ontario
  • "After attempting elimination diets and various medications prescribed by a Naturopath and Dermatologist for the treatment of psoriasis, the results were unsuccessful. After seeking Josie for treatments, the psoriasis completely disappeared within 4 months. I continue to see Josie on a maintenance basis for stress management. Thank-you, Josie!" Carolynne C. — Stouffville, Ontario
  • "For several years I have suffered from sinus problems that were brought on by allergies. Since first visiting Josie last April, I can now breath clearly and no drugs! Thanks!" Darren Acheson — Stouffville, Ontario
  • "I have been working with Josie for about 4 months to resolve my airborne allergies and it has proven to be effective. Since seeing Josie I now sleep and breathe better! Thank you, Josie! I have been telling everyone how you have helped me and I would not hesitate to endorse the program you have in place to aid individuals with their symptoms!" Kathryn Smith — Stirling, Ontario
  • "I am just writing to say Thank You! Over the past 10 years I have been trying to determine the cause of my painful throat problems. I would require anywhere from 10 to 20 antacids a day to soothe my throat. I had many sleepless nights due to the pain. After seeing Josie over the past 4 months, I experience minimal throat pain and require less if not any antacids. I am also eating and sleeping better! I have been telling everyone how you have helped me and I would not hesitate to endorse the program you have in place to aid individuals with their symptoms." Susan Manning — Stirling, Ontario
  • "Josie, your yoga classes are wonderful. Already I've sensed a deep difference in my body, and the heat cleansing out of my system. You offer great guidance and move us to do more. It's a necessary break for me, after I've been sitting, writing, sometimes for many hours. So thank-you, you have grace in front of a class. Sending gratitude and appreciation!" B. Powe — Stouffville, Ontario
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